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WhoNose is what I've just decided to call the 'back-end' here that approximates much randomness in serving up web pages for your enjoyment.

After two years with a registered domain name, but no site attached, I finally signed up for some web hosting and proceeded to work on getting something online. I had some old pages from fooling around at home that were hanging out at our free ISP-provided web space, but that just didn't cut it.

I checked out a couple of Content Management Systems like Post-Nuke, PHP-Nuke, and phpWebSite, but they all seemed to want to do everything and tend to look the same.

So a bit later, here we are with Yet Another PHP/MySQL-Based Thingie for dynamically generated websites, only this one takes into account my love for what's random. Despite the wealth of PHP code available out there, WhoNose was written from scratch by beating my head against the PHP and MySQL documentation, except for the user validation scheme and a hint or two I found in a forum. Thanks to PHPBuilder.com for the user code, as it got me to this point at least a month earlier than I would've arrived at this point otherwise. (I also referred to some 'Build Your Own Database-Driven Website!' articles before I'd even considered putting this together, so if you want to get technical what I really mean is that each file here, excluding the user validation stuff, began in an empty Vim buffer. Yay Vim, by the way.)

There's source and stuff available at http://www.paperlove.org/whonose/index.html. Version 0.2a.

Of course, in addition to being "powered by" WhoNose...

Powered by Red Hat Linux Powered by Apache Powered by MySQL Powered by PHP Edited with Vim

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