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For those who like to know what's going on

The gist is to play free association. Take a look at the page, the elements of which were, generally speaking, randomly selected and thrown together. See if what you find sparks any new associations or raises any new thoughts. Eventually, when the database is too big to take camping with me, I suspect something better than 42 will be waiting. If we happen to stumble upon the right combination, we'll experience instant enlightenment. Monkeys will cheer as they finish the collected works of Shakespeare.

As is the case with so many sites today, if you register, you can get a username which allows you a greater range of interactive possibilities, like creating pages of your own. That's still somewhat experimental, but so far so good, despite a few ragged edges.

Here's what does what, when:

  • If you're logged in:
    • Next always takes you to some page of your chosen flavor. Next could be a rerun, but the whole page probably won't be. The logo does the same thing.
    • If your default flavor is completely random, that's how each page's flavor will be reported, though you'll see pages of all flavors. This is by design.
    • Choosing another flavor from the list takes you to a page of that flavor. If you click Reload or Refresh in your browser immediately thereafter, you should get another of that flavor.
  • If you're not logged in:
    • Next and the logo will take you to a random page.
    • You'll see each page's actual flavor, even though you see what someone with completely random as his or her default flavor would see. This is by design. Some pages really are of the completely random flavor, mind you.
    • Choosing a flavor works the same way it would if you were logged in.
The list of flavors with the GO is for when you want a taste of a flavor, in other words. To change your default flavor, View your profile, then Edit your profile. Your start page doesn't have to be your default flavor. But if you assign it beyond the small number of entries we have, you'll just get an error. No check for that just yet. Maybe tomorrow.

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I've unveiled the inchoate Group portion of the site. It's far from perfect, but what works works reliably enough for now.

If you're interested in one of my many services, just give me your name and email address here, and I'll get back to you. These services include some technical services, some creative services, and some consulting services. More on those somewhere someday. For now, let it be known that I don't intend to charge any given fee. We can work something out.

That's enough for now.

Modified: 23March2002

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