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Why is this all weird?

These days, content management systems are all the rage. You can download a file, install it on your web server, and voila! A nifty site like Slashdot, after a little customization.

Still, they tend to look quite similar to one another. You can tell a site is running PHP-Nuke or Slashcode without much difficulty after you've seen those 'back-ends' in action. And while the interface is clean and includes just about everything you could ever want, that kind of thing isn't what I'm after.

No, WhoNose is kind of like a web host within a web site, in that we won't be starting threads and replying to each other. Not yet, anyway. For now, the idea is to think of a page as a page and to think of a page as a presentation.

Say you have a poem.

To get that poem on the web, you could:

  • Create your own web site
  • Find a forum that deals in poetry
  • Find the one-and-only WhoNose-driven www.paperlove.org
Creating your own web site is great fun. You can even download Slashcode or PHP-Nuke and make it pro-style snazzy. But you're looking at some investment if you want to avoid ads, storage limits and such.

A forum is a great idea; others there may give you some good feedback on your poetry. But your poetry is going to be in a text box just like every other poem. You may have the option to add some Bold tags or colors and such. You might even find one that allows file uploads, which would let you insert a graphic. But even then, your post will be in a list with others like it, battling for attention.

Here, however, you're the highlight of the page (if your page is chosen more or less randomly). Your content gets center stage. Whoopee!

Does that make any sense?

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