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Well here I am down in the City i was born in and later re-born in. I come here from time to time to 'reconnect' with myself, spiritually. This time it was prompted when my wife expressed to my friend to convey to me that she didn't want me around. She could've TOLD me herself, but she was afraid of my temper. No doubt I'm to blame. But being out here with no means is rough stuff. I left my car and wallet at home, really believing this time that i could achieve a connection with the Spirit. It can be rewarding but then it can be bewildering, too. Good thing I found this library computer to throw this out to the net. I think the Internet is a 'spiritual' place of sorts. Don't know which way to turn from here, so... Please pray for me.
Well I made it home OK and I'm patching things up with my wife and my friend. I'm standing here typing on one of the computers on one of the OzoneFarm servers and wondering if i'll ever reconcile the conflicts between my communitarian side and the profiteers of this world. Niether my wife nor that one friend understand what it is we're trying to accomplish here. This operations center is intact and real and our experiments are working. But, by nature, this activity is not likely to generate fiscal income in the near future, nor is that the intention. But the meme is spreading.

I DO have friends who understand and approve of this work on open source stuff and dialog with you out there in cyberspace. If you IRC, you're welcome to join us here, here or here.

FreeNode is so nice!

Plove is very cool, too :)
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It is good that almost everyone can now have the fine arts at his fingertips, by just turning a knob on his set, or by just stepping into his drugstore. In this diffusion, however, they become cogs in a culture-machine which remakes their content.
Herbert Marcuse in One-Dimensional Man

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