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...Now we will look at the fortunistic concept of geo-political spaces. Out here in cyberspace, we are somewhat immune to earthly governance at least till we get up from our terminals. When we set our feet on soil, though, we become part of an ideational matrix that has, as a substrate, the geo-physical space through which we live and move and have our being.

In America there is little varience from state to state, what specifically is expected from the Citizen. Whether we are motorists, pedestrians or skateboarders, we are all aware from our childhood training what we can and cannot do and where or when we cannot do what it is we want to do. The Rule of Law is everywhere here and only the wise in heart can find real freedom. There are restrictions everywhere you turn and everyone is continually aware of a phenomenon known as The Bills. Few understand where these come from and all are engaged in the process of paying them. There is an unwritten Law that says, "Thou shalt pay thy bills." The compliance to this law is strictly adhered to by the vast majority of American Citizens. Next it is Written somewhere, "Thou shalt pay thy taxes and then die." It is generally accepted by the average American that this is the whole duty of man.

Lucky us. To be born here.

Each natural-born American is given the standard package of Liberty issued to them at birth. Most of us born here consume the contents of this package by the time we are 5 or 6 years old. At that time we must enter the public school system where we are given twelve years or so to re-earn another package labeled Freedom. At the age of 18 or so we are allowed a myriad of choices upon which to spend the contents of our new package of Freedom (downgraded from Liberty). Usually we do some trial and error expenditures of the contents of this package, but in a few years time we find our supplies of Liberty and Freedom to be only memories. We now find a new comfort in a further downgraded package call Duty. Most of us find a compliently satisfactory domain of our own, which we can keep mowed and tidy, thanks to the freedom and liberty of Saturday and Sunday. The Duty package has many variations of course, and there are always Freedoms of Choice and full access to Liberty as a concept.

As artists, writers, musicians, scientists, philosophers, and other such misfits, the OzoneFarm collective of vagabonds are apt, proned and required by the unwritten law to find our own pathway through the Duty package. The standard forms seem to cause ill effects to our phyco-social make-up. We identify strongly with Ben Franklin, Thomas Paine, Paul Revere and even their contemporaries like Buckminster Fuller, Albert Einstein and Ozzie Ozborn. The square holes are most everywhere and conform neatly to the dotted lines on the GPS grid. However we can, if we look hard enough, find suitable geographic features that do not conform well to simple geometric shapes.

Taking Liberty

This movement is to strengthen America from within on many fronts in a pervasive and resourceful manner. The strategy for change was born of free speech during the peace movement of the 1960's and 70's. Culture and Counter-culture are natural and complimentary. You cannot have one without the other. The time was a time when there was a serious and not-so-serious rift between the leadership of the country and the younger generation. The 'generation gap' was the term this firmament was given. It resulted in a counter-cultural form that dramatically contributed to the domestic and foriegn agendas of this Country, but the work must continue.

A word about Gaps

Gaps are good things in the world of theoretical physics. The most famous and useful gap in the realm of physics is the spark gap. Tesla and Marconi can tell you all about it. When a gap exists, there is also a differential. A gap differential is much more powerful than a simple magnitude differential. The scintillation that occurs, when the potential between the points is sufficient, eminates a bolt of energy that is capable of transmission through space and is so bright that it may attract much attention. More about this later. Suffice it to remember the context of this phrase:

"The shot that was heard around the world"

The Freedom to Communicate

The mundane and urbane experience in our country is guided by a strong Library system. The Academic Community has done a good job of preserving our literary heritage and a consistant element of our judicial branch has managed to preserve the freedom of expression. The Library of Congress remains for the most part a free and open resource for the general public. The evident exhibits linked to this document in Appendix B form a basis for a resilient extended web-community that will withstand the series of crashes that are pending. Our goal is to document the ideational framework that has developed since the advent of the Internet and present to the violators a united front of resistance in the Spirit of The American Revolution of 1776. E Pluribus Unim.

Crucial Ideas (A.K.A. Critical Path)

The ideational framework is drawn from the extension of advanced thought from the peacenik era as it presents itself in the cyberspace of the present. Old beatnicks and hippies are still around but have learned to use the other wing. Many have become entreprenuers, government officials, collage professors, carpenters and talk show hosts. The Idea that America should succeed in making peace before it engages in international peacekeeping is a simple, direct and effective form for policy study. The opportunity for making peace out of Earth, water and sunlight has always been there and will not go away. The prosperity in America is owed to the free and unmolested propogation of free thought. Peace and Prosperity are connected and interdependant. The Peace Corps, Care, The Red Cross, and other altruistic operations are the instruments of peace. The dissemination of infrastructural knowlege to those who need it can offer much more help than direct financial or military resources.

Foriegn and Domestic policy that promotes or enables overdevelopment is ultimately destructive of that which it seeks to maintain. The distribution of Global wealth can not be controlled by institutional government. This task should be left to the natural formation of villages, communities, towns and colonies. The City/State Model is not sustainable, NOR is centralized Global Overcontrol.

Electronic Warfare

The whole idea of the e-Community Model that we present is that electronic data is virtually indestructable, that is IF you can get it into electronic form. The Generic e-Community Model is a software system and networking protocol that assures that real communities are preserved and that the ideas and character of people are pre-iminant. The fact that electronic data is virtually indestructable presents a very large problem AND a very powerful solution to it. Electronic marking and tagging of individuals and information about them is NOT an ethical practice. It is a logical violation of God-given rights illustrated throughout the ancient texts in precepts such as the cities of refuge and the Jubilee. It was these texts that formed the basis for the Constitution and we charge that a return to those values is predicated immediately.

It is our plan to wage war against this practice and establish virtual cities of refuge for exploited people. We further intend to Celebrate a Jubilee in this Country and throughout the world at the expence of those who would abuse power. These are ancient terms for concepts now termed with the indignant tag called Bankruptcy. Our plan is perfectly legal, perfectly constitutional and perfectly justifiable.

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It is good that almost everyone can now have the fine arts at his fingertips, by just turning a knob on his set, or by just stepping into his drugstore. In this diffusion, however, they become cogs in a culture-machine which remakes their content.
Herbert Marcuse in One-Dimensional Man

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