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A Prayer Card for Steve Balmer

Friends, Today we are passing out a prayer for a alost soul.... we encourage you to use this card and pass it on to your friends and family. for only thru the grace of open source, can we save this man.

Friends, today we pray, for Steve Ballmer.

Lord, we pray to you, to lend guidance to asimple man. though he may seem like a mafioso, we believe that there is some trace of good within his blackened heart. And yeah, we know that this man know the prince of lies, and yea, even considers the lord of evil his personal friend. we ask you to lead him to the light. and let the light shine upon his bald head. for we do not hold a grudge, and are better then to insult him and his bald head. however his chubbiness is free game

So lord, hear our prayer and mayhap if you can find your way clear, send a messenger of good to Mr. Ballmer. And if you cannot find your way clear to save him, we beg of you, to give him a nasty case of diahrea, possible with a poisoned ho-ho, or even better, some rotten jelly beans.

Please bow your heads.

Our benelevolent dictator who art in silicon valley, thy kernel be booted thy will be done, thy domination come, on mac, as it is on pc. give us this day out daily patch, and forgive us our hacking, as we forgive those who crack us. lead us not into closed source, but deliver us chinese food. for thine is the GPL, the kernel, and the OS, for ever and ever amen.

Wanna hear this performance? Download it Here

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