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Prayer Card For Ransom Love

Friends, Today we are passing out a prayer for a a lost soul.... we encourage to use this card and pass it on to your friends and family. for only thru the grace of open source, can we save this man.

Friends, today we pray, for Ransom Love. Our dear contributor to the cause, SynrG, alerted this ministry to Mr. Love's need for guidance with this letter:

'Dear Reverend Southnah, I am writing to you to ask that your ministry pray for a lost soul, Mr. Ransom Love. Mr. Love has a history of questionable dalliance with proprietary code. He was the founder and CEO of Caldera Systems, a company that produced a Linux Distribution. under his direction, Caldera merged with SCO UNIX, and stated that they were going to pursue enforcement of patents held against UNIX. He left Caldera (Now SCO) to head UnitedLinux, an effort to create a commercial Linux for servers. He has since parted with United Linux and is now looking' to start another Linux based company. Reverend, would you please pray for this man, so that his next venture can be guided by the light that leads your Ministry, Your Devout Parishioner, SynrG'

Such a moving letter, we thank our faithful contributer, SynrG for alerting us to Mr. Love's plight

Let us Pray:

Lord, we pray to you, to lend guidance to a bizarre man. though he may seem simple, we know that there is a blackness in his ways. And yeah, we know that this man meaneth not to harm the movement, but his blindness to the reason is a danger to us all. We know that he has left the trail of destruction, but only due to corporate politics. Please Lord we beg of you to LART him mightily, and infuse him with the state of clue-fullness

So lord, hear our prayer and mayhap if you can find your way clear, send a messenger of good to Mr. Love. And if you cannot find your way clear to save him, we beg of you, let a wet floor misplace him, or better yet, an icy step.

Please bow your heads.

Our founding zealot who art in Boston MA, thy Tools be used thy will be done, thy recognition come, gnu slash Linux, for everyone. give us this day out daily blog, and forgive our Documentation, as we forgive those who document naught for us. lead us not into Patents but deliver us Pizza. for thine is the Philosophy, the GNU, and the Editor, for ever and ever amen.

Thank you for listening friends, and If there is someone you know who needs saving, please email me, reverend_southnah@yahoo.com, and remember, the more contributions you send in, the closer you are to Open Source

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