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I've recently stumbled across a pretty neat project. The stumbling began with Red Hat's Open Source Now mailing list. That led me to Schoolforge, which led me to the #schoolforge IRC channel. Once there, the primary GOVIA developer said, winkingly, "Want to help with GOVIA?"

So it began.

GOVIA is Ostensible Video, Imagery and Audio

GOVIA is a repository of media, essentially. Anyone can submit a video, image, or audio file for inclusion.

If and when a submission is approved by a GOVIA maintainer, the file itself is fetched for storage on the GOVIA server, an XML document with information about the file is created, a thumbnail or still image is created (for images and video, respectively), and the master list of GOVIA files is updated.

That was all largely in place when I came along, but such a repository isn't that handy when you have no way to see what's available. So I dug up some information on XML parsing with PHP, figured out how to parse the GOVIA XML, and moved on to creating an immature search engine between loads of laundry.

Check it out. Submit some stuff. It'll only be more and more useful as it grows. I'll let you know of changes and developments here as it occurs to me to do so, but meanwhile, bookmark http://govia.osef.org and http://govia.paperlove.org to keep up with what's happening.

got the Gist?

GOVIA's initial search tool

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