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I'm not just another Microsoft-hating GNU/Linux zealot. There's more at stake than a brand name, trademark, or market share. The free in free software refers to freedom. One could call the GNU/Linux movement the software industry's Boston Tea Party. Ultimately, it matters little to me what you choose to use, but it does matter when those with money and power try to eliminate choice.

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General Information

Linux on big iron
An interesting read on mainframe Linux usage - where it's being used, what it's doing, how much it saves, and where it still lacks. "...with scientists and open-source developers around the world continuing to build out Linux's potential, it's only a matter of time before the open-source operating system is a match for any operating system on any platform. Even mainframes."

Merrill Lynch migrates to Linux
It should say something that many 'household word' companies are moving from expensive Unix solutions toward GNU/Linux.

IBM puts Linux converts on display
IBM, though it has a flavor of Unix of its own, sees the value in Linux. A year ago, the company said it would invest $1 billion US in the open source operating system. Near the end of January, the head of IBM's server group said the company had almost recouped its investment.

HP and Mandrake team up
Cooperating to make inroads with Linux on the desktop.

Oracle to move to Linux
Another corporation ditching Unix for GNU/Linux.

Linux on the business desktop - a migration
Examination of a Linux desktop migration.

Why Linux Will Prevail

Linux is on a Mission

Open Source / Free Software Movement

Apache beats IIS at its own game
eWeek Labs compared the performance of Apache 2.0 and Microsoft's Internet Information Services 5.0, both running on Windows 2000 Advanced Server. Apache kept pace with IIS for the duration of the test, so now folks with Windows servers can have a secure web server without taking a performance hit.

Eric Raymond: Why open source will rule

Richard Stallman on software patents
Richard Stallman founded the Free Software Foundation and the GNU project. His insight into the absurdity and danger of software patents is worthwhile reading, whether you think the issue affects you or not.

Why open source/free software? Look at the numbers!
Lots of fact, figures, and statistics.

Microsoft Commentary/Observations

Microsoft puts the squeeze on NW schools
This column from The Oregonian looks at Microsoft's demand for a software audit in the 24 largest school districts in Oregon and Washington. While the audit is absolutely legal, who would like to justify yet another resource drain in our schools? Or is there another way to describe the man-hours necessary to audit tens of thousands of computers? No better reason for schools to consider using free software (see Schoolforge)

No justice from Microsoft for the Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice
Hang on to those proofs of purchase! (Or, use free software.)

Microsoft to school: Give us your lunch money!
An older article from 2001, but the point remains... Why should schools deal with such hassle? Let's get free software into our schools! (See Schoolforge)

Unisys, Microsoft launch anti-Unix ads
Too bad you simply can't argue with the fact that Unix WORKS and has been working for 30 years. In addition, www.wehavethewayout.com, the site to go along with this campaign, was running on FreeBSD until someone caught that little faux pas.
What's that site running? [Netcraft].

Palm: Microsoft tried to force .Net use
More bullying comes to light in the ongoing anti-trust hearings.

Microsoft out to gain ground lost to Java, Linux with students
I would expect Microsoft's PR department to be more astute than this. Appealing to the schools will only go so far. The students Microsoft has alienated and the students who prefer open source won't suddenly come running back to the fold if Microsoft gets more MS-oriented material in the computer science curriculum.

CIOs say NO to Microsoft
At last, we have people with enough time to read the license agreement! They don't like it.

Moving away from Microsoft
Migrating away from Microsoft, specifically with respect to applications.

Microsoft Outlines Next Move in Antitrust Case
Microsoft behaves like 11-year-old child: "If you try to make us play by the rules, we might just have to quit playing!"

No more excuses: It's time to stop using Microsoft products
What you should be thinking when Microsoft behaves like an 11-year-old child.

Microsoft Doomed by Cheap PCs
A somewhat different perspective - as hardware costs drop, the operating system (if it's an expensive proprietary system, that is) becomes the largest single chunk of a new computer's cost. Given the choice a) $400 machine with a free Linux-based OS, or b) $700 machine with Windows XP, which is the wiser choice?

Using WinXP with VNC?
The Windows XP license agreement may or may not (have your attorney read you the agreement) preclude the use of handy things like VNC. After all, there are built-in Microsoft applications to do the same thing.


Performance Tests: File Server Throughput and Response Times
The open source Unix implementation of Microsoft's CIFS networking protocol, Samba, can at times outperform a server running Windows.

Migrating Delphi projects to Kylix for Linux
Borland supports Linux, and even offers an 'Open Edition' of its Kylix development environment. Together, Delphi 6 and Kylix 2 offer 'true cross-platform Windows/Linux development.'

Research firm Gartner Inc. advises against IIS
In case you didn't know, Microsoft's Internet Information Server has had a security problem or two. If you run IIS, please patch it! You waste bandwidth letting your infected servers seek out others to infect and my Apache logs at home are proof.

Porting Application Software from Windows to Linux
Some helpful information on porting software from Windows to Linux.

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