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2 May 2002
Realized yesterday I had neglected to include 'showtables.php,' which is really rather silly anyway. See, that was probably from day 1 (literally) of my work with PHP and MySQL, created just to see an include in action. It remains as a relic for now.

29 April 2002
At last, I think I have everything put together as it should be. It's not very friendly, I'm afraid, but it's not that hard to figure out either.

You'll need a MySQL database. There's a file included to give the structure of the tables. In fact, it's mysqldump output, so you can use it as input to create your tables.

This was simply the result of wanting something to call my own running my web site at paperlove.org. I wrote it with that kind of orientation, tying site specific things right into the PHP. As a result, it isn't as easy as it could be to replace paperlove.org elements with your own. I'm working on that.


WhoNose 0.2a1