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Oh? Hey, Religion?

religion (re-li'-jun)
1. the re-linking of humankind with it's parent (God the Father)
2. the re-linking of humankind's child (the Son of Man) to the current generation.

America is a free country, right? Fact is, this place is like any other in the world. The Earth's core is underneath and the same old Sun circles in the sky as anywhere else. The constellations are the same ones that Job (the book of Job in the OT) saw about halfway between the time of Noah and Abraham. The stars are the same ones that Abraham was told to try to count as he stood there on what is now one of the least peaceful places on the planet. So what gives our government and our big companies the right to plunder the rest of humankind? Apologies from this citizen.

We the people do not control this government. It is a Monster from Hell that was born of corporate greed and unbridled self-interest. The up-coming events will no doubt cause us national shame, and justly so. American foriegn policy is on track toward a police state that would make Hitler cringe. If there really is a Jesus, he will definately return to staighten out this mess.

I've studied the Book of Revelation with ferver since 1977, and the darned thing, by golly, is starting to make sense. As I type this, about a third of the ships are sitting out there on the west coast. I'm wondering if the Lord would use that opportunity to set up a little tidal wave and just sink 'em all with one swoop. I just read the book and believe the things written therein are for our enlightenment as to God's ultimate control of human affairs.

I urge you to read the thing for yourself without any preconcieved notions. There's pictures in there. I'm particularly fond of the one that shows the big green thing with the twelve pearly gates on it. Furthermore I don't think this book is about what is commonly referred to as 'religion' at all. I think it's a coded picture of reality laid out for those who need answers.

A few little tips. Get yourself several versions and compare them. I highly recommend the Zondervan Interlinear Greek text, as it adds some meaning by tempering the content with the mechanics of John's language of choice. And refer often to the Gospel according to Same for the true identity of the One, Jesus. WhatEVER you do, DON"T rely on society's view of who or what they think God is. And just stay the heck away from Paul's writings till you're fully dipped in John's.

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