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I was just lying in my sleeping bag looking up at the trees in the early mornign light when someone sleeping next to me let out a quiet "haaa"... a kind of sleepy, quiet sigh, I guess. It made me realize how much I like (and miss?) sleeping noises. You know the noises I mean -- the "haaa"s and "mmm"s and other little sounds that people make when they are sleeping contentedly.

A strange thought, perhaps. Even stranger maybe that I am sitting here writing about it now...

Why do I like these noises? what makes them special? There's something kind of sweet and intimate about them. Everyone looks so gentle and almost child-like when they are sleeping peacefully... all of the troubles and responsibilities and anxieties of our waking lives melt away in quiet slumber, and we become toddlers again... if only for a few hours.

I miss those sounds and the sight of someone sleeping next to me. But I forget that I miss it most of the time... I only remember when someone in a nearby sleeping bag let's out a little "haaa".

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