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I have this really cool neighbor, she was volunteer of the year 2 years in a row at one of the local elementry schools, and did not win a third time because the school hired her to manage volunteers/donations. She is a bit of a technophobe (all though she does want to learn) and has minimal experience with computers and the interenet.

Her husband works at a local print shop, and with her meager income, they cannot afford a computer that can run anything current. I happend to come across a pile of Pentium 100 laptops (thanks Harry!), and thought "hrm". So I set up one of the laptops as an X terminal, gave the neighbor an account on the wifes Mandrake workstation, enabled xdmcp, wrote a few scripts to enable shutting the system down easily from X, and whatnot, and bam, I got a useable computer for the neighbor. It uses an Orinoco WavLan card, and I have one of the Lynksys AP on my desk.

She was overjoyed when we gave it to her. :)

Laptop (thru harry)             $0
Orinoco WavLan                  $65
Open Source XTermnal Software   $0
Configuring Setup               $0 (hey I do this stuff for fun)
Spreading Love and Linux        Priceless
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