Lil Bit

Lil Bit Pic

Lil Bit was brought to the vet clinic where Tiff works because of a broken leg. As the story goes, his owner wanted to just shoot him. A neighbor brought him in and paid the bill, but said he couldn't keep the dog. Tiff said, "If you're willing to pay for this visit, I'll find him a new home."

It later came to light that Lil Bit might have actually belonged to the neighbor, but it doesn't matter anyway.

He stayed with us while his leg healed, getting along with the other dogs surprisingly well and quickly endearing himself to us.

Someone came to the clinic one day looking for a dog and was interested when Tiff described Lil Bit. Though we nearly couldn't part with him, we said our goodbyes and Tiff took him to meet his new mom.