Jazz Pic

Jazz is our athlete. She's not bad with a frisbee, but we can't seem to keep a frisbee long enough to see how good she could be. She'll gladly retrieve a tennis ball over and over and over and over. She's more or less Australian shepherd.

Jazz was the first dog we really got together. She was adjusting to life with Loki and Gunner when she got sick.

Not just sick, but really sick. Jazz had parvo, which kills lots of puppies every day. After the vet's diagnosis, we said "Do what it takes."

Jazz was at the clinic for 10 days (at $100/day) fighting for her life, but she survived and, on the day we took her home from the clinic, I don't think there was a happier dog in the world. And we were perhaps even happier. Jazz later wrote a thank-you letter to send to the vet clinic.