Haydn Pic

Our baby and my buddy, this Border Collie mix is our only he-dog (though officially everyone is neuter). He barks at Gracie a lot, perhaps a result of his herding heritage, but when it comes to people, he's a sweetheart. Haydn is big on using his hands and will hit you in the face to get your attention if you're not careful. He'll sit with a look of bliss on his face, eyes half-closed, as long as you pet/scratch/rub him.

He recently had a run-in with a snake, from which we're glad he recovered. It was either a small snake or a snake low in venom after biting something else, according to the vet. Else Haydn might have perished.

On at least two occasions since then, he's had uncontrollable head tremors (rather than seizures affecting his whole body) that may or may not indicate the beginnings of epilepsy. Due to the timing, we wonder if it may be nervous system damage from the snakebites. For now, we can only keep an eye on him and keep track of the 'attacks.'